5 Breakfast Foods you should Know for every morning

5 breakfast foods you should Know for every morning: Breakfast is the first meal that we can take into our body to start a new day.If that particular day want to be special then you need to concentrate on these breakfast foods.Below is the detailed explanation of 5 breakfast foods that you should has to know for every mornings.

5 breakfast foods you should Know for every morning:

1.Oat Meal:

Breakfast is the most important meal and first meal of the day and oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast you can eat.

Oatmeal is a whole grain that gives you 13 grams of protein in 1 small half cup serving.

Oatmeal is full with Vitamin E, tocotrienols,Selenium,phenolic,antioxidants and phytic acid.

There are other nutrients found in this grain such as Vitamin B,biotin,copper, Phosphorus and magnesium.

Eggs are packet full of nutrients and high quality protein that makes a great food for breakfast.

Eggs are found with various vitamins such as
Vitamin B6,
Vitamin A,
Vitamin E,
Phosperous,Selenium all are found in eggs which are important for your health.

*Yogurt is packed with filling protein and bone building calcium.

*Yogurt is a probiotic that contains good amount of bacteria that are beneficial for your gut.

*Nuts are loaded with healthy fats, potassium,magnesium and a good amount of protein so that they will keep you feeling satisfied for long hours also.

*Moreover nuts have been shown to improve heart disease risk factors and reduce insulin resistance also.

*Berries are low in Calories and are packed with Minerals and vitamins.

*They are also rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins which have been shown to protect against heart disease.
Popular types of berries include blueberries,strawberries,raspberries and blackberries.

This is the detailed information about the 5 Breakfast Foods you should Know for every morning.


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