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53 Superfoods you should eat Everyday to be healthy

53 Superfoods you should eat Everyday:Nutritionally speaking, there is no such thing as a superfood.Actually the term was coined for marketing purposes only to influence the food trends and sell products happily without much effort.These 53 superfoods can boost energy and treat your body to the nutrition it deserves.Only a few are explained and the rest are listed below.So,check out the article till end.

53 superfoods you should eat everyday
53 superfoods you should eat everyday

Almonds are rich in Protein,Vitamin A,Magnesium,fibre and many amino acids which are beneficial for the body.
      They are frequently used as a healthy solution for relief from

  • Constipation
  • Heart disorders
  • Coughs
  • Anaemia
  • Impotency
  • Respiratory disorders and diabetes.
almonds nutrition-superfoods
almonds nutrition-superfoods

Eggs are also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for normal body function and heart health.


Brocolli is packet with vitamins,minerals disease fighting compounds and the fibre essential in any diet.
It has ability to prevent many types of cancer and also

  • Improves digestion
  • Detoxify the body
  • lower the blood pressure
  • Prevent birth defects
  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Protects the skin
  • lower cholesterol and
  • Improves vision.

Bananas are rich in nutrients,vitamins, fibres and all natural sugars.Nutritionists say that eating Two bananas per day in just a month can improves your health significantly.


Salmon is an oily fish that is high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Solman can help prevent numerous diseases like

  • Depression
  • Heart? diseases
  • Prostate cancer and
  • Can resolve many other health condition.



The rest 48 superfoods are presented below

  1. Tomato Sauce
  2. Dried Plums (Prunes)
  3. Walnuts
  4. Brussels Sprouts
  5. Acai Juice(can dramatically boost the amount of antioxidants in your blood)
  6. Apples
  7. Bok Choy(This calcium-rich leafy vegggi can protect your bones)
  8. Steel-Cut Oats
  9. Avocados
  10. Canned Pumpkin
  11. Spinach
  12. Cauliflower
  13. Scallops
  14. Collard greens
  15. Olives
  16. Brown Rice
  17. Oysters
  18. Edamame
  19. Strawberries
  20. Lentils
  21. Kiwifruit (Kiwi)
  22. Bran Flakes
  23. Sunflower Seeds
  24. Black Beans
  25. Sardines
  26. Asparagus
  27. Fat-Free Milk
  28. Baked Potatoes
  29. Flaxseed
  30. Sweet Potatoes
  31. Greek Yogurt
  32. Wheat Germ
  33. Dried Tart Cherries
  34. Whole-Wheat English Muffins
  35. Green Tea and Black Tea
  36. Blackberries
  37. Soy Milk
  38. Peanut Butter(helps keep blood vessels healthy)
  39. Mustard Greens
  40. Brazil Nuts
  41. Grapes
  42. Canola Oil
  43. Blueberries
  44. Oranges
  45. Watercress
  46. Barley
  47. Turkey Breast
  48. Shiitake Mushrooms

This is the complete explanation about the 53 Superfoods you should eat Everyday.You can also read the other articles related to it.



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