6 Essential Health Types Everyone Should Know About

6 Essential Health Types Everyone Should Know About

Hello dear friends. It is necessary and important to know that health is divided into several types, of which there are 6 main ones. We all have a word – health is associated precisely with the health of our body .. That is, just a person is healthy and that’s it. There are no diseases. Unfortunately, it is rare to be healthy in our life now.

Let’s look at what types of health are.

1. Physical health.

The natural state of the body, which is due to the normal functioning of all organs. If all our internal organs are working well, then the body is functioning properly.

This is a good immunity that helps to cope with infections with minimal consequences. This is the body’s performance, energy, physical activity.

Proper nutrition, good sleep, active rest help to restore health after hard physical work, heavy physical exertion or after an illness.

2. Moral health.

Determined by moral principles. Distinctive features of a person’s moral health are: attitude to work, rejection of bad habits (smoking, drugs, alcohol) that contradict a normal lifestyle.

3. Psychological health.

Depends on the state of the brain .. It is characterized by the level and quality of attention, memory, the degree of emotional stability, the development of volitional qualities, the ability to sensibly assess different life situations (both complex and simple), and in critical situations.

Mental health determines the way of thinking, behavior in society, communication skills.

4. Spiritual health.

Here the determining factor is how confident we are in ourselves, how we have defined our path in life, how can we answer simple questions: Purpose in life? What do we believe? What do we want in our life?

Kindness, compassion, help, mutual understanding, mercy are common truths that have not been canceled.

5. Social health is how we behave in society.

Each of us determines how to live in society: among friends, at work with our colleagues, in communication with strangers.

Even in the same supermarket. After all, many buyers, like sellers, behave towards each other, in a boorish way, it comes to insults, theft in the store, etc.

Behavior on public transport for example. There are drivers who are rude to passengers, and there are passengers who behave rudely with the driver and with other passengers .. Yes, there are a lot of such situations in life, no matter what area of ​​life you take. And at the hospital, at the school.

6.Emotional health.

This is the ability to restrain oneself in stressful situations, to be able to control emotions, not to succumb to provocations.

Mood swings, depression, or outbursts of euphoria from some pleasant moments in life, pessimism – all of this affects our health.

And our general health depends on physical, social, mental, spiritual, emotional, moral health and on ourselves.

As always, I wish everyone good health.

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