7 reasons to take huge Seafood like fish


7 reasons to take huge seafood like fish:Do you really like having seafood? and that too fish?If it is yes then there is a good news for you.From the past,you have taken the sea food because you like it in the form of Taste.But,if you know what are the advantages of taking seafood then you will take twice or thrice more when compared to the previous. Here in this article,I will be explaining about the 7 different reasons of taking the seafood.

If you doesn’t take fish in your meal previously,then it is required to add it in your meal.Because,according to scientists,taking fish into diet can cure various health diseases unknowingly and taking care of your health.

If you see various people,who are surviving around the sea regions can take only the seafood as a regular diet and by taking seafood they doesn’t become unhealthy.but by taking seafood,their skin tone changes and their health diseases reduces.

7 reasons to take huge seafood like fish:

1.Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the popular disease which can be taken place in old people whose age is around 60 years.
  • It is a progressive disease which can reduces the memory power and other important mental organs in the body.
  • More than 1 million cases are taking place in India itself.
  • Treatment can be helped but this condition cannot be cured.
  • According to the survey taken place in 2016 by the journal of American Medical Association, it has to came to the notice that by taking huge seafood in the diet can helps in prevention of the bloody mental disease(Alzheimer’s) can be cured.

2.Prevention of Depression:

  • Depression is considered to be as one of the mental disease which is  frequently observed in the life of various people.
  • This depression can increases the mental power in the form of Anger and thereby you cannot handle any work properly.
  • According to the survey conducted by Journal of Psychiatry and Neural Sciences,it has been observed that the fish 🎏 oils can increase the power of serotonin hormone and reduces the depression.
  • Buy this,it is concluded that,the fish oils can reduce or prevent the depression of the human body.

3.Arthritis cure:

It has been observed in old people that they cannot able to walk like common people because they have the problem in bones.

  • It is a very common disease which can affect around 10 Million cases per year.
  • It requires a medical diagnosis.
  • According to the survey conducted by American College of rheumatology,it is said that the Omega 3 fat and Vitamin A in fishes can reduce the arthritis disease fastly compared to the regular exercise.

4.Boost in Bones health:

If you want to survive good in your life,then you need to take various nutrition into your body like Vitamins,Fibers, Carbohydrates,Proteins etc.Apart from that,you should has take all the vitamins including vitamin D.

  • This Vitamin D can increases the boost in bones as well as it also increase the memory Power.
  • For the development of vitamin D in your body you need to take the seafood i.e.fish into your meal.
  • This can increase the vitamin D percentage in your body and this helps in giving the proper boost to your bones as well as to you heart and brain.

5.Prevention of Cardio Diseases:

  • Heart💓 is considered to be as one of the best organ that can pumps the blood throughout the body and which can make us to live on this earth.
  • A small disease of heart can affect your whole body.
  • According to American journal of cardiology,the experiment has been taken place and it is said that by taking seafood in your meal can also arrests the cardio diseases frequently.
  • This is because the Omega 3 fat which is present in fishes can reduces the triglycerides and which  reduces clotting of the blood and increase in the power of heart.

6.Increases in Eye Power:

In today’s life everyone is handling mobile phones in their hands and looking at it continuously can reduce the retina power and people working in front of their computers for a long period of time and  this also results in the reduction of the eye power and by this continuity,there may be the increase in eye infected diseases I.e the eyes becomes red, irritating etc.

  • According to the survey made by the Healthcare Research and quality agency it was came to the notice that the Omega 3 amla present in the fish can provide nutrients to the eyes as well as to the nerves which will increases in the eye power of human body.

7.Prevention from deadly Cancer Disease:

According to the survey conducted by the Clinical Nutrition American Journal,it is said that by taking fish as a regular meal can decreases the entrance of various cancer diseases like Intestinal Cancer,mouth cancer,throat cancer, pancreatic cancer etc.

The Omega 3 fat present in the fish can reduces the possibility of increase in the cells of cancer and thus the sea food has to be continued in our daily lives from the prevention of deadly diseases like cancer.

Therefore,this is the complete Explanation for the usage of sea food in your daily life.You had seen from the above that they are various advantages of taking the seafood.So,try to take the seafood twice in a week.If you have any doubts,you can ask us from the comments section.


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